Publications in Refereed Journals

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2. Entangled sensor-networks for dark-matter searches

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48. Simplified Models for LHC New Physics Searches

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49. Colored Resonant Signals at the LHC: Largest Rate and Simplest Topology

T. Han, I. Lewis, Z. Liu, JHEP 1012 (2010) 085, arXiv:1010.4309 [hep-ph] (2010)

Other Publications (editor or co-editor)

50. The Physics potential of the CEPC

H. Cheng et al, 2205.08553[hep-ph] (2022)

51. Searches for New Particles, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves with SRF Cavities

A. Berlin et al, 2203.12714[hep-ph] (2022)

52. Strategy for Understanding the Higgs Physics: The Cool Copper Collider

S. Dasu et al, 2203.07646[hep-ex] (2022)

53. Physics at Future Colliders: the Interplay Between Energy and Luminosity

L.-T. Wang and Z. Liu, 2205.00031[hep-ph](2022)

54. Probing the Electroweak Phase Transition with Exotic Higgs Decays

M. Carena et al, 2203.08206[hep-ph](2022)

55. The International Linear Collider: Report to Snowmass 2021

ILC International Development Team, 2203.07622[hep-ph](2022)

56. Snowmass Whitepaper: The Windchime Project

Windchime Collaboration, 2203.07242[hep-ex](2022)

57. WIMP Dark Matter at High Energy Muon Colliders –A White Paper for Snowmass 2021

T. Han, Z. Liu, L.-T. Wang, X. Wang, 2203.07351[hep-ph](2022)

58. The Forward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential

L. Anchordoqui et al, 2109.10905[hep-ph] (2021)

59. Unveiling Hidden Physics at the LHC

O. Fischer et al, 2109.06065[hep-ph] (2021)

60. Higgs boson pair production at colliders: status and perspectives

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61. CEPC Conceptual Design Report: Volume 2 - Physics & Detector

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62. New physics implication of Higgs precision measurements

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64. CEPC-SppC Preliminary Conceptual Design Report Volume I: Physics and Detector

M. Ahmad et al., (link) [hep-ph] (2015)

65. Beyond Standard Model Physics at Current and Future Colliders

Z. Liu, thesis [hep-ph] (2015)

66. Diagnosis of a New Neutral Gauge Boson at the LHC and ILC for Snowmass 2013

T. Han, P. Langacker, Z. Liu and L.-T. Wang, arXiv:1308.2738 [hep-ph] (2013)

Other Publications (contributor)

67. New Horizons: Scalar and Vector Ultralight Dark Matter

D. Antypas et al, 2203.14915[hep-ex] (2022)

68. Recent Progress and Next Steps for the MATHUSLA LLP Detector

MATHUSLA Collaboration, 2203.08126[hep-ex](2022)

69. A Muon Collider Facility for Physics Discovery

International Muon Collider Collaboration, 2203.08033[physics.acc-ph](2022)

70. Muon Collider Physics Summary

C. Amie et al, 2203.07256[hep-ph](2022)

71. The physics case of a 3 TeV muon collider stage

Muon Collider Collaboration, 2203.07261[hep-ph](2022)

72. The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC

J. Feng et al, 2203.05090[hep-ex](2022)

73. Neutrino Self-Interactions: A White Paper

J. Berryman et al, 2203.01955[hep-ph](2022)

74. An Update to the Letter of Intent for MATHUSLA: Search for Long-Lived Particles at the HL-LHC

MATHUSLA Collaboration, 2009.01693 [physics.ins-det] (2020)

75. Mechanical Quantum Sensing in the Search for Dark Matter

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76. Reinterpretation of LHC Results for New Physics: Status and Recommendations after Run 2

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77. Higgs Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC

Physics of the HL-LHC Working Group, 1902.00134 [hep-ph] (2019)

78. MATHUSLA: A Detector Proposal to Explore the Lifetime Frontier at the HL-LHC

Physics of the HL-LHC Working Group, 1901.04040 [hep-ph] (2019)

79. Future Circular Collider : Vol. 1 Physics opportunities

FCC Collaboration, Eur.Phys.J. C79 (2019) no.6, 474 [hep-ph] (2018)

80. Future Circular Collider : Vol. 2 The Lepton Collider (FCC-ee)

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81. Future Circular Collider : Vol. 3 The Hadron Collider (FCC-hh)

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82. Future Circular Collider : Vol. 4 The High-Energy LHC (HE-LHC)

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83. Beyond the Standard Model Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC

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84. The CLIC Potential for New Physics

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85. New Particles Working Group Report of the Snowmass 2013 Community Summer Study

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86. Higgs Working Group Report of the Snowmass 2013 Community Planning Study

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87. Muon Collider Higgs Factory for Snowmass 2013

Y. Alexahin et al., arXiv:1308.2143 [hep-ph] (2013)

88. The Case for a Muon Collider Higgs Factory

Y. Alexahin et al., arXiv:1307.6129 [hep-ph] (2013)