zHen Liu-Homepage

My current research focus is on theoretical particle physics, especially phenomenology at high-energy colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other future collider programs (muon colliders, CEPC, FCC-ee/hh, ILC, CLIC, C3, etc.), spanning over Standard Model (SM) phenomenology, in particular, the Higgs boson (exotic decays, Electroweak Phase Transition (EWPT) and Baryogenesis (EWBG), Effective Field Theory (EFT) ), Beyond Standard Model (BSM) physics such as Supersymmetry, Dark Matter (including other probes, DM direct/indirect detection), Long-Lived Particles, Heavy Resonances (e.g., Z', W', Colored, Higgs). The intensity machines (such as DUNE, SBND, and ArgoNeuT) are also great beamdump machines, powerful in probing hidden sector dynamics. I work on various new BSM searches that are uniquely possible in these beamdump environments. I am also proposing and conducting innovative small-scale experiments in searches for exotic particles, such as dark photons, axion-like particles, and millicharged particles. I work closely with experimental teams and across disciplines, such as colliders, neutrino facilities, quantum sensing, and information science.

My recent publication can be accessed from inSPIRE(HEP) and Google Scholar. Links to external profiles: arXiv,inSPIRE.